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Restaurant Review: Enoteca Sociale

29 Feb

Last week when trying to pick a place for drinks and something light to eat, we settled on Enoteca Sociale. This one had been on the list for a little while as well, but conflicting schedules and location had prevented us from going here in the past. Enoteca Sociale tags themselves as a “real Italian wine bar” and they did not disappoint. The wine list was varied and extensive, and the service recommendations for pairings with the dishes we ordered were spot on. If you are looking for a place that does a bit of a twist on classic dishes, has a relaxed atmosphere (including some communal tables), and great selection for wines, I highly recommend you visit here. We stuck mainly to sharing some appetizers on this go around, and they are known for their “ARANCINI CON MOZZARELLA DI BUFALA & SOPPRESSATA” and I can definitely validate, it lived up to expectations.

Perfect for: Girls night, group dinner – note that limited reservations are available, and walk-ins are generally served at the communal tables. We did not find this an issue, but might be for some.

Location: 1288 Dundas Street W, Toronto, ON M6J 1X7 -Dundas and Lansdowne Ave.

Recommended:  Arancini Con Mozzarelle Di Bufala & Soppressata,  Cauliflower, Olive & Almond, Albacore Tuna Crudo – we shared between 3 of us so everyone got a taste of everything and it worked nicely

Arancini Con Mozzarelle Di Bufala & Soppressata - I have never had something quite like this, inside is a heavenly mix of risotto and mozzarella di bufala rolled together and flash fried. Insanely good.

Albacore Tuna Crudo - with meyer lemon, celery, rosemary and pepper. Fresh and substantial at the same time.

Cauliflower, Olive & Almond - cauliflower done three ways and mixed with olives and almonds - unique and tasty

Check out the full menu HERE

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Bright Blazer – Now & Spring

28 Feb
Bright Blazer - Now and Spring
As I was putting together my top 5 picks for March (coming later this week), I realized that the number one item on my list is a coloured blazer. So instead of just showing you my favourite pick, which is this blazer above from Aritzia, I thought it would be more fun to see how you can wear it now and for spring. Thankfully, we are getting closer and closer each day to being able to wear spring outfits here in Canada, but as we all know, winter can still extend far into April, so we should be able to utilize our winter wardrobes for a couple more months at least.
Emerald BlazerAritzia – $225 HERE

Best in Class Bars

27 Feb

Floating bar in the middle of the room

Having a home bar, wether it be big or small, can be a  great way to decorate your place and create another gathering area in the home. Often the kitchen ends up being the area people most often congregate in, but if you have enough space for one of these larger bar areas, it can definitely fill that role as well. However, when you are tight for space, using a beautiful bar cart as shown below, or filling an awkward space (as I showed you how we did here) can be a great alternative. We find our bar functional and a great addition to a previously under utilized space.

And once the construction of your bar is complete, you get to move on to the fun stuff, like stocking the bar!

Which one is your favourite?

Large, rustic bar - space is a necessity but it is stunning

Modern and Sleek bar design

Beautiful Bar cart - finding a perfect vintage piece for a small space is a great alternative

Classic Home Bar

Beautiful unique options for space saving and creative use of your space

Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Oscar Sunday

24 Feb

While I love Superbowl Sunday, I have to admit that Oscar Sunday is right up there with it. It is our last chance for a little while to see all the beautiful gowns on our favourite actors and actresses, and you get to see all the movies you need to add to the must see list. This year I have done a slightly better job than most years at seeing some of the nominated films, so scroll down for my completely biased selections on who should win this year.

But let’s be honest, I tune in for the pre-game show here the most. Who’s gowns are you most looking forward to seeing come down the red carpet?

Note* click any of the links to learn more about the actors, movies etc.

Best Picture: My pick is The Decendents – let’s be honest, everyone loves George, and this movie was so moving not to mention set in Hawaii, it’s a definite winner in my book. I did also love The Help and Moneyball, and Midnight in Paris was classic Woody Allen, so all would be great picks to win. Which one is your pick?

Best Actor: Again, sticking with The Decendants and George Clooney for me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jean Dujardin sneaks in and takes this one.

Best Actress: I think Meryl will take this one, because she seems to be able to do no wrong, but my pick would have to be Viola Davis. She was so wonderful and brought her character to life in The Help, I really hope she takes this one home.

Best Supporting Actor: I haven’t seen most of the performances in this category, but I am going with Christopher Plummer – and after his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, I would imagine almost every other woman is too, just to hear what other beautiful words he has to say about his wife.

Best Supporting Actress: I am sticking with The Help here too and my pick is Octavia Spencer. Her portrayal of Minny Jackson in The Help was so special, and you can’t argue with all of the other awards she has racked up this year. However, wild card pick would be Melissa McCarthy, for obvious reasons if you have seen Bridemaids, and because she just seems so genuinely happy to be apart of it all.

Best Director: I don’t have a good handle on this one, so sticking with The Descendents, since usually best picture and best director go hand in hand.

Do tell, who are your picks this year???


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