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Fabulous Flip Flops

31 May
Fabulous Flip Flops

While flip flops are often associated with being anything but stylish, these days you see them everywhere from the beach to the office. Although I still think you should reserve this look for more casual settings, there is certainly more options than ever to fit for every occasion. I was on the hunt for a couple new pairs for the summer and while doing my research I stumbled across TKees, on a suggestion from my mom. They are a Toronto based company that has recently exploded due to the celebrity love their flip flops have been receiving and seem to be a nice mix between super casual with a bit of a twist (see pair # 2 above).

I decided to source out some great looks in a neutral palette to get you started, but I would love to know what flip flops you will be rocking this summer, since we know everyone has at least one pair.

  1. Forever 21 – $7.50
  2. Tkees – $55
  3. Havaianas (Slim style) – $26
  4. Sam Edelman “Gracie” – $59
  5. Oasis – $31
  6. Kate Spade “Iliana” – $212
  7. Tory Burch “Abitha” – $95
  8. J. Crew “Vineyard”- $57

Prosciutto & Pear

30 May

I am one of those people who could live on tapas and wine if I had my way, so I am always on the lookout for delicious appetizers. In particular, when it combines cheese (any kind, I am not picky) and prosciutto, I know it will become an instant favourite. I saw some variations of this one on pinterest, but they called for pancetta, which I switched out for prosciutto. I used anjou pears, slices of fresh prosciutto, goat cheese and topped with honey to create these, and paired them with a chilled white wine. They turned out to be the perfect summer treat, hope you like them as much as I did.


Paisley & Pleats

29 May

Sunglasses – Tom Ford, Earrings – Coach, Bag – Banana Republic, Top & Skirt – J. Crew, Heels – Miss Sixty

I love when you have an incredibly bright piece that you think will be hard to wear, and then you realize it can go with just about anything. When I bought this skirt it was the middle of the winter, but I wanted something to brighten my mood, and possibly wear in California. Although it made the trip, alas it went unused. More recently, I have been having trouble finding the right pairing for it, because I wasn’t thinking past the obvious black/white combos which seemed so boring (and a bit halloween-ish in the case of black). Then I realized if I stop trying to “match”, everything will just work together. So I went for this fantastic paisley top, which it turns out does have a hint of orange in it anyways, and kept the accessories neutral. Now I am exited to see what other combinations I can come up with. What would you pair this skirt with?

Patio Box Gardening

28 May

DIY Herb Labeling with recycled corks

As I mentioned here, I have been doing a bit of research to see what might work to brighten up our rather small patio space. It was clear that patio boxes were the way to go, since they didn’t take up any space on our deck, and lots of flowers and herbs seem to thrive in this environment. My husband said we should wait until after the long weekend here in Canada to make sure there was no danger of frost, so we just planted  everything this weekend. But given the year we have been having, we probably could have got away with planting them on May 1st.

In addition to several boxes of flowers, we also planted a few different types of herbs and two tomato plants. After searching around on pinterest and a few other sites, I saw this adorable and simple DIY for labelling your herbs and couldn’t resist trying it out. All you need is some old corks (we used champagne corks as they allowed for ample writing space), wooden skewers and a sharpie and you are good to go. What are you doing in the garden this year?

Labeled corks

The sad before shot

New Guinea Impatiens & Petunias make for a colourful, happy patio

A nice new watering can and some pink gardening gloves made the day complete


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