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Vanity Makeover

13 Nov


A long time ago (I mean seriously long time) I mentioned here, how much I wanted to redo our spare bedroom and make better use of the space. I dreamed of having a lovely vanity to get ready at in the morning, complete with a fully functional and organized space for all my makeup, products, and jewelery. Well, I am happy to say we finally got around to doing it, and now I can’t believe we waited so long to get it done.

Before, we used this space for extra closets (read: where I keep all my stuff because our marriage wouldn’t last if we shared one closet), an office (for when my husband was in school), a spare bedroom (we had a futon we could use for guests) and just a general room for dumping things. When my husband finished school last September, we had talked seriously about turning the space into a more functional day to day room, but just never carved out the time to do it or really took the time to figure out what the space needed.

In the end, like all home reno projects big or small, it took much more time, a bit more money and definitely more patience than we had predicted, but the end result is well worth it. We literally feel like we have so much more space now, because we are using the room in a much more effective way. It is now a bigger closet (read: we added ANOTHER wardrobe but this one is actually shared for coats since we don’t have a coat closet), a nicely laid out office for when either of us need to work from home, a gym (we got a spin bike and needed a good place to put it) and a dressing room.

I was obviously most excited about the dressing room/vanity part, and had so much fun tracking down all the little pieces I wanted to make the space perfect. From scouring Pinterest to figure out what would work as an additional storage piece (the space we had was very limited), to finding the perfect lamp, chevron bench with built in storage, lucite containers, and finally building the necklace racks I have been meaning to do for the past two years, it was a really fun project.

Here are the items we used to create the new space (please excuse any reflection of the spin bike, desk, etc. in the background, like I said, it is a functional space). Hopefully, it will help you if you are thinking of doing a similar project, because in the end, we managed to find really affordable pieces to make the space special. Sadly, after all this time I didn’t have a great before picture to share, so you will just have to use your imagination, but I promise it is way better than before!

Key Pieces:


Target Lamp here, Lucite tray here, Lucite duo container here – I love the clean feel of the lucite pieces and it is still easy to see everything but feels much more organized


Organized nail polishes and jewelery make finding things so much easier


Necklace racks made from knobs from Anthropologie and recycled wood that we spray painted white (literally total cost of under $20)


For the pieces I reach for most, I decided to keep them front and centre but this glass tray still makes it feel organized


Simple dividers from Target now keep all my makeup organized and easy to find


This shelf above the vanity used to be a jumbled mess of things, now it is clean and sleek looking with some special items that are close to my heart

I literally look forward to getting ready in the mornings now

I literally look forward to getting ready in the mornings now


The fully finished space….and my new favourite area of the house

Check out my pinterest board here for more vanity inspiration and this post I did a long time ago on makeup organization if you are thinking about trying something like this at home as well.

Guest Post: DIY – Bathroom Edition

7 Jun

When I was approached with this guest post, I was so intrigued, a DIY post dedicated strictly to bathroom projects. If you are like me, I like to think I am good at DIY projects, but if I am being honest, sometimes I have the very best intentions, but they fall to the wayside when life gets in the way. However, many of these ideas are easy to accomplish, and seem like they would be a rewarding do-it-yourself project, with a great outcome for a room you use on a very regular basis!

Have you attempted anything like these in your home? I would love to hear your DIY stories!


DIY MirrorScapes Framed Mirror Kit (via)

Do-It-Yourself is a great way to save money and get hands-on with your decor projects. For example, if you’re looking for a framed designer mirror look without the price tag, consider a DIY framed mirror kit. Order a mirror from an online mirror store, and dress it up with the MirrorScapes frame-kit by Moen. You will end up with a result similar to that seen above, and the kits come in a wide variety of colors. Glass mirrors can also be customized to your exact specifications online. If youíre skipping on the frame, but looking for an easy mirror installation, the easiest way to install a mirror is with mirror mastic (mirror glue). This means no more drilling into your walls with mirror clips!

Stick-on Wall Pattern Decals (via)

If you’re not big on painting, you can still dress up any bathroom with stick-on pattern wall decals. Many are floral in nature and can be purchased online. These give your otherwise boring bathroom walls, a bit of design flare. And these decals don’t have to be relegated just for the bathroom either; there are many styles and designs for any room of the house including unique wall art for one’s bedroom.

Dresser turned Vanity (via)

If you are salvage savvy, an antique dresser can be repainted, and made into the perfect DIY bathroom vanity. Antique furniture has a lot of purpose when it comes to DIY. Antique closet doors have been turned into tables and mirror frames, wooden pallets have been converted into coffee tables, dressers have been repurposed into vanities; the possibilities are really endless! And combining that with a vintage framed mirror is an expert touch of decor.

Vessel Sinks (via)

And on top of your dresser turned vanity the perfect sink would be a trendy vessel sink. These designer sinks run in a wide variety of sizes, types, and prices; but they all add a modern flare to oneís bathroom and the mix well with antique door.

Bamboo Vessel Sinks (via)

Vessel sinks don’t have to be white and Plain Jane, here are some eco-friendly vessel sinks made out of bamboo!
DIY bathroom decor is crucial. Why not decorate the only room left for pampering and relaxation after a long day?

About the Author

Shahab Shokouhi is a glass design expert at, an innovative manufacturer of glass table tops, glass shelves, and all other glass and mirror products. Follow Dulles Glass and Mirror on Pinterest or on YouTube to see how theyíre changing the way glass products are manufactured, customized and delivered.

Spring Cleaning

25 Apr

Clean Slate Collection – Crate and Barrel

My absolute favourite part about the change in seasons to spring is the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning. Sometimes this is simply a closet overhaul, sometimes it is a deep clean of the kitchen, yard, or car, or sometimes it is as easy as changing some of the items around in your house and in your day to day life to bring a little spring into your life.

Here are some of my favourite things to ring in spring, but I would love to hear how you usher in the season.

  1. Clean Slate Collection from Crate & Barrel – Beautiful and streamlined cleaning products so nice it almost makes you want to get up and do a deep clean
  2. Florals and Pastels for Spring (from here)
  3. Spring is a time to bring back the Sangria
  4. Get yourself organized with a closet overhaul (I wish mine looked like this one)
  5. If nothing else, some fresh flowers always do the trick

florals and pastels




Beautiful Bedding

19 Apr

Classic Wide Stripes – Pottery Barn

I have been on the hunt for some new sheets recently, and it has been so much fun looking at all the different options there are to help you have sweet dreams. The set I am looking for is to go in a cottage, so not all of these looks would be something we would consider, but it got me thinking about how nice it would be to have a change of sheets for summer and winter, to help you ring in the new season.

Do you have more than one set of sheets? What patterns, colours, looks are your favourite?

Crisp White with a light trim - Restoration Hardware

Crisp White with a light trim and dark accents – Restoration Hardware

French Country sheets


Warm colours and texture

reverse duvet

Classic Paisley Sheets

black sheets

A twist on the traditional white – Dark sheets with white piping


Black and White with a great accent colour

light paisley

My favourite – muted medallion print – Restoration Hardware


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